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Larry James

Rave Reviews
for Larry's "Romantic" Wedding Ceremony!

Thank you in many languages Thank you! to all the couples and wedding vendors who have chosen to say great things about my "romantic" wedding ceremony! I am honored to be of service to you all. Obviously we think we are the best, but don't take our word for it! Listen to what our brides and grooms are saying. - Larry James

NOTE:  Larry's "romantic" ceremony has gained in popularity and gets rave reviews! Word gets around fast when something is good. If you have the slightest interest in having Larry James perform your ceremony, you are encouraged to call to check availability. He usually books 6 months to a year or more in advance, with a few open dates in between. Weekday weddings are generally easier to schedule on shorter notice.

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Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry is kind and encouraging. The words he spoke at our wedding ceremony were beautiful and they touched my heart and soul. His love and passion for what he does is evident. - Maria & Willie Hamblin

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for making our perfect day even more special! You were a joy to work with and a true pro! We appreciate all the time, thought and effort you put into our beautiful ceremony. We received many compliments from our guests. We are always grateful to you for giving us our dream ceremony. - Kat & Owen & Penny Galipeau

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We are so happy that we chose Larry to be our minister. The ceremony was perfect and we really love the fact that he customized the ceremony to fit perfectly to what we wanted. We had so many people at our wedding telling us how great the ceremony was. Besides the ceremony he always made sure that everything was prepared for the wedding and always on top of things. Thank you very much, Larry! - Cristina & Joshua Curry

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry was so helpful! He met with my husband and I to explain his part in our wedding and what to expect. We were getting married out of town and Larry had no problem coming to the rehearsal and directing. He also provided a helpful script for us to review and edit to our liking. It was a great experience. - Sara & Zachary Quarles

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry prepared a beautiful ceremony for us that was just perfect. Even with both of our different religious backgrounds the non-denominational ceremony he prepared was centered around our love for each other and that was exactly what we wanted. He even provided us with a copy of the ceremony, took pictures for us, and gave us a certificate for a free counseling session if we ever need it. We would definitely recommend Larry as an officiant to anyone! - Karyssa & Matt Staten

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry was such a joy to work with! He provided so many amazing tips to make the day perfect. His romantic ceremony was absolutely perfect. We had several guests come up to us at the reception and tell us it was the best ceremony they have ever heard. He really does make it so special! - Michelle & Ehren Van Der Werf

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We could not have been happier with Larry James. His professionalism was outstanding and his patience was so appreciated. We were a little stuck on some of the vows and he met with us to go over them word for word without hesitation. He made the biggest part our big day seamless and we are so happy for that. - Cindy & Steven Limbach

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry performed the most beautiful romantic ceremony that I have ever heard. We highly recommend him. Larry was great and provided lots of helpful ideas. It was a beautiful ceremony. - Lesley & David Valencia

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry has put together the most thoughtful and loving ceremony that allows for customization. When we first met him to go over the ceremony, I cried the most happy tears listening to him recite it. We have a blended family of 5 with some older children so the blending of the sands didn't seem to fit our crew and we were not sure how to incorporate the children into the ceremony. After meeting with us and hearing our concerns, Larry composed the perfect words to acknowledge all the children individually and also acknowledged that we know this marriage presents both blessings and challenges to each child. He was able to help us included the children in the ceremony perfectly . I would highly recommend this thoughtful and loving Officiant! - Maggie & Peter Deeley

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . TOTALLY recommend Larry James. Larry James made our wedding so incredibly special. From the first phone call I had with him, I knew I wanted him to officiate my wedding. He is so compassionate, loving, thoughtful, funny, and loves what he does. He has created a beautiful wedding ceremony that is completely customizable. When we met in person, we got to know each other and went over the entire ceremony and the different options you have. You are given a pen and asked to cross out anything you don't like in the ceremony so it is unique to the couple. Another important thing for me, was he allowed you to make it as religious or non-religious as you like. Larry has a warmth about him that instantly makes me feel comfortable, so I was so grateful he was there to marry my best friend. Several people told us that they loved the ceremony, that it was unique and beautiful. I would highly recommend Larry James! - Jenna & Derek Burkum

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . I would highly recommend Larry James, he provides a very intimate and spiritual experience. His ceremony was very heartfelt and touching. We loved our vows and will cherish them always! Our guests were delighted that they also were a part of the ceremony and commented "how moved and emotional they became" Whether you're looking for a small personal wedding or a lavish 200 guest affair Larry is your man! - Barbara & Tom Lukoschek

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James was an exceptional minister. He goes above and beyond to make sure his clients are well informed about the marriage process. He's very responsive and flexible. His ceremony readings are well written and appealing to couples, as well as, their friends and family. I'd definitely recommend him for anyone that's looking for an officiant that runs a professional business and truly cares about their clients. - Aimee Delia & Jair Tolentino

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James is an exceptional minister and we could not have asked for a better ceremony! From the first phone call all the way through the ceremony, Larry was professional and attentitive and truly cares about his clients. The ceremony was personalized to our wants and needs and Larry was always there to offer a helping hand along the way. Our friends and family couldn't stop talking about what a wonderful ceremony we had and how amazing Larry did. We would definitely recommend Larry, he is the best! - Kim & Jeff Feldman

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . My husband and I loved Larry James right from our very first meeting! He has an incredible warm and friendly personality and truly cares about making your wedding ceremony beautiful and personal. He is a wonderful communicator and was an absolute joy to work with. Our families enjoyed spending time with him at the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the reception! Just a wonderful man... we are blessed to have him as such a big part of our special day. Could not be happier! - Laura Sue & James Woidyla

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry was great! From the moment we met, we could tell that he was dedicated to making sure our ceremony and experience was perfect. He was quick to respond to any questions, and when the day finally came, the ceremony was beautiful! My friends and family loved it as well. Highly recommend! - Beka & Omar Cabrera

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry was the officiant for my daughters wedding and when it was time for my wedding I knew right away I wanted to hire Larry. He is all about love and his ceremony is beautiful. I didn't want a religious ceremony and he was perfectly ok with changing the ceremony. He is super easy to work with & professional but at the same time he knows when to keep it light and roll with the little spontaneous moments that happen during the ceremony that makes it unique and feel like it is 100% yours. Highly recommend Larry. - Jocelyn & Lance King

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James was our officiant for our wedding. His words were absolutely beautiful and our guests loved every minute. We received so many compliments about the message his words carried. Not only was our ceremony beautiful, but Larry James is truly a kind and wonderful man to talk to as well! I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a unique and beautiful wedding ceremony! - Megan & Hayden Laney

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We feel fortunate to have found Larry James to officiate our wedding ceremony. We were nervous, as most couples are and he made us feel like there was nothing to worry about. Larry is definitely a seasoned professional and calmed our nerves by showing up extra early to make sure we hadn't forgotten any important details. John and I hope he is around when we 'renew' our vows 10 years from now. If you use Larry for your ceremony, we can guaranteee you won't be disappointed. Thanks again, Larry, for making our wedding day so special - Diana & John Jackson

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We would like to thank you for celebrating our joy and sharing our love. You will always be a part of our fairy tale. Your generosity and kindness are sincerely appreciated. Dreams do come true. - Casie & Zach Crocker

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Oh, Larry, thank you, thank you for the utter *bliss that was my wedding ceremony because of YOU!!! It will be my pleasure to extoll your virtues to ALL candidates I encounter, and thank you very much for the information about the name change process. I'm sure it will save me much hassle!! God bless *and I will stay in touch, particularly with regard to our friends who I anticipate may get engaged in the next year! You made the launch of our married life together, exquisite!!! ~ Patricia & Bill Moulthrop

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James, our ceremony could not have been more romantic and beautiful. Thank you for the love and wonderful energy you brought to our special day. It was perfect for us. We only heard wonderful things all night about you. Thank you for making our day complete! - Lori & Adam Leon

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Ross and I had a very good year and are looking forward to many more. We will, of course, always remember our wedding day beginning with the vows and our great friends who attended. Our vows were memorable because of you; they weren¹t just a bunch of words, they were meaningful and they fit us. We thank you for making our wedding day so special! We will keep in mind your services and in five years, we may even renew our vows - because in five years, we will become residents of the great state of Arizona and we are looking forward to it, more than ever. Thank you again for making beautiful memories with us." Taffey & Ross Miller

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . I called Larry the day before our ceremony, and I'm so glad I did. Not only did he make time for us on his off-day, he also made it as convenient as possible for my husband and I. My family loved him, my husband loved him and so did I. He fit in just like family!

I was a little nervous to have such a quick and small ceremony, but he made it the most memorable day of my life. He greeted us with such a warm and comforting welcoming. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone, and he would be my first recommendation!! He truly is a warm person, and will do whatever he needs to do, to make sure he accommodates your beliefs, and will make everyone feel comfortable. When we have our big "Wedding" with guests he will be my first choice, theres no doubt about that!!

Thanks so much Larry for such and amazing day! You brought out the best in everyone and everything at my wedding, and I'm convinced you're the reason our small "Kiss 'n Go" ceremony went so PERFECTO!!!!! GRAZIE!! - Katherine & Abdullah Saad Alraai

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We would like to thank you for officiating our wedding. You did a fantastic job and helped us get through the ceremony without fail. Thank you for your support, presence and guidence. - Venessa and Ivan Christen

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry was everything we could hope for! Very professional and knowledgeable. His experience was very evident and all of his advice was perfect. I appreciated that Larry took his time during the interview and during the walk through to get to know us and coach us. This translated into a perfect ceremony. Many of our guest complimented him and made us aware of how good he really was! I would recommend Larry to anyone! - Jinju and Tom Pham

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Todd and I would like to thank you for marrying us at the Boulders on Saturday. We couldn't have been more pleased. We've received so many comments on how wonderful the ceremony was and how much everyone enjoyed your words. Thank you for making our day memorable! - Renee and Todd Conviser

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. We loved the ceremony of our wedding and it was just what we wanted! - Judi & Jim Franko

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, thank you so much for being a part of our special day you were great! Here are a few comments that we received from our guests. * Larry was so great, everything that he said in his ceremony was very true and realistic. * The ceremony was beautiful he really knew what to say. I feel like everyone could relate. * The sand ceremony was beautiful. * Most ceremonies are boring but Larry's ceremony was fantastic. I really sat there and listened. I feel like it really spoke to me. * Larry was awesome he did really good with keeping us calm and instructing us on what to do. We were very pleased with him and all of our guests loved him! He is definitely the best that there is! - Lizett & Armando Nava

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . There are so many things for us to say thank you for. First, thank you for doing such an incredible job performing our ceremony. We go so many compliments about you. It is very obvious you love what you do and we are honored you got to share your gift at our wedding. Thank you for making our dream day possible. You made us feel comfortable the entire time and our big day would not have been the same without you! Larry is what made our ceremony so beautiful! He says he performs the most romantic wedding ceremonies, and I could not agree more! He had the perfect mixture of romantic words, as well as light humor, which made the ceremony a blast! We received so many compliments about Larry! If you are looking for a Wedding Officiant that will make your wedding ceremony a one-of-a-kind experience, look no further than Larry James! Thank you again, Larry - you made our ceremony perfect! - Dean & Angela Daly

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you so much for everything you did to make our day so special. Our guests are still talking about how impressed they were. They enjoyed listening to your practical words of wisdom for developing a life of commitment and love. - Sheila & Florentino Gonzales

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James was the perfect officiant for us. He allowed us to modify/change his script in any way we wanted. Also, we had a couple complications as far as one of us being Christian/one being Jewish, and he was more than willing to customize our ceremony and work with us. His ceremony was also super engaging... not boring. Many people came up to us and told us how beautiful our ceremony was. HIGHLY recommend Larry! ~ Lizzy Dietrich & Jenna Lowry

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Thank you again so very much in officiating our wedding! The ceremony was just absolutely beautiful! Everyone in the family is still talking about our wedding! - Karin & Jeff Hemesath

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry, Thank you for everything! Your romantic ceremony was A+! Classy, creative, professional! Thank you! - Cheryl & Eric Sivertsen

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . Larry James' ceremony is amazing, beautiful, romantic and truly unique. The most important part of a wedding is the ceremony after all, I couldn't be happier that we chose Larry James. We still have friends and family commenting on our ceremony, weeks after the celebration! There was not a person in attendance that didn't feel the love and joy in the mood that Larry James set. We are so impressed and satisfied that Larry James made the most important day of our lives so special and memorable! Thank you!!! - Sarah & Justin Carlson

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "From the first time we met Larry we knew we had hit a home run! Coming from two very diverse religious backgrounds we needed a ceremony that was non denominational but made everyone feel spiritual in their own ways. Not only did Larry make this happen, he did it with style, humor, and a sense of reverence that kept the guests involved from beginning to end. In addition to being an amazing officiant, Larry spent much quality time with us listening to our concerns of the many other aspects of our wedding. He provided very useful references, information, and guidance. Larry also attended our reception and provided some of the best photos of the evening! We are so blessed to have found and worked with Larry and we would recommend him to anyone!" - Ashley & Chris Higbee

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I wanted my husband and I to renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary and Larry was referred by a friend. Larry was so helpful and efficient in helping me plan a surprise for my husband at a party at our home. During the process we were undergoing a move and chaos at work. Larry kept me focused to complete the vows and plans, and without his steadfastness, I may have let it fall to the wayside. He had a myriad of options for this simple ceremony, and our friends and family gave the ceremony rave reviews! I would highly recommend Larry whether you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding or renew your vows. Larry knows the Love Business and does an excellent job in executing your every wish!" - Marcia & Christopher Loveys

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I could have not asked for a better officiant for our wedding! Larry James was professional, thorough, caring, and made our wedding rehearsal and ceremony a wonderful experience. We were very clueless going into wedding planning, and he helped us design out ceremony to fit us. He also goes above and beyond by tagging Facebook photos for us right away and all of our guests commented on how much they enjoyed him." - Maria & James Austell

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you again for officiating our wedding ceremony. Jason and I loved the vows that we were able to piece together along with the Personal Promises. We had so many guests come up to us later at the reception and tell us they thought it was one of the most heartfelt ceremonies they'd been to, and very 'us." Thank you for helping to make our day very special as we expressed our love for each other." - Erinn & Jason Gregory

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James was a wonderful part of our wedding, helping to bring together the type of ceremony and at the location we wanted. Dave and I said our vows at Tempe Town Lake, the location of our first date. If you or anyone you know is getting married or renewing vows, I would highly recommend contacting Larry." - Linda Johnson & Dave Richardson

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you very much for making our day so special. The ceremony was PERFECT! We received so many compliments and wanted to say, 'Thank you!'" - Ashley & Tim Metcalf

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James is an amazing man, I highly recommend him. He helps you with all the aspects of the wedding that you can possibly think of. Larry is the man to go to." - Denisse & Danny Esteban

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for making our dream of a sweet, relaxed, serene wedding come true; one where the vows were the most important part, not the color of the dresses, or the guest list, or any of that other blarney. Thank you for the parchment copy of the ceremony, we will treasure it. I hope we can stay in touch." - Carmel & Miron "Dub" Putnam

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry provided a truly unique ceremony for us. He allowed us to edit the ceremony, including our Personal Promises, as we saw fit. We were also able to add other parts, such as the sand and rose ceremonies. He was very organized and kept us on track during the planning process. During the cermeony, he was very engaging and definitely kept everybody's attention. He made it fun as well as romantic. We received several positive comments from our guests on the ceremony and Larry himself, as he attended our reception as well. We definitely recommend him." - Linda & Scott Smith

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry did an unbelievable job officiating our wedding. He is very thourough and were able to personalize our ceremony just for us. Our friends and family all were saying what a beautiful cereomony it was. Thanks again Larry." - Tiffany & Marc Martinez

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I love genuine and authentic expressions of love and I witnessed them all over the place this weekend at Mike and Megan's wedding in Scottsdale, AZ. Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. I loved the writings you shared, your sense of humor, and your genuine and authentic way of being present. You so rock! Thank you very much!" - Marilee Bresciani (Guest)

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "I love genuine and authentic expressions of love and I witnessed them all over the place this weekend at Mike and Megan's wedding in Scottsdale, AZ. Thank you so much for such a beautiful ceremony. I loved the writings you shared, your sense of humor, and your genuine and authentic way of being present. You so rock! Thank you very much!" - Marilee Bresciani (Guest)

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry provided a truly unique ceremony for us. He allowed us to edit the ceremony, including our personal promises, as we saw fit. We were also able to add other parts, such as the sand and rose ceremonies. He was very organized and us on track during the planning process. During the cermeony, he was very engaging and definitely kept everybody's attention. He made it fun as well as romantic. We received several positive comments from our guests on the ceremony and Larry himself, as he attended our reception as well. We definitely recommend him." - Linda & Scott Smith

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Throughout our engagement, we never ceased to be impressed by Larry's diligence and careful attention to detail. From our first meeting up until the wedding day, Larry kept us on track and made us feel comfortable. We knew the ceremony would be special, but in the end it surpassed our expectations. Larry managed to make us feel like we were the only two people in the room while still engaging our family and friends. He created the perfect combination of humor, romance and sincerity. Our guests are still raving! We are happy that Larry was a part of our special day and would certainly recommend his services to other couples." - Morgan & Si Robins

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Tyler and I are both so happy that we chose you as our officiant. The ceremony was just what we wanted - something that seemed harder to find as a non-religious couple. Also when our best man forgot the rings, you had such a great idea to do the ring ceremony again right at the beginning of the reception. This made it even more special in the end and something we will always remember. I personally had several guests tell me that they were surprised and delighted at how unique and beautiful the ceremony was. If we ever decide to renew our vows, we will definitely hire you again. I will also be recommending you to anyone I know that's about to get married. We can't thank you enough. Thank you again for marrying us and doing such a beautiful ceremony. We could not have asked for a better minister." - Alicia & Tyler Ellis

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We were honored that you were able to make the time for our celebration. You are a awesome officiant, and others that choose you will be as honored and please as I and Fred were. You have given us the opportunity to enjoy quality and class within our preparations.Knowing you would be the one to seal our love. Mr. James thank you for all you have contributed to our celebration.We willl contact you again for our renewal in the next year." - Paloma & Fred Howe

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you for making this day wonderful and meaningful for us. We will always be grateful." - Sandy & William Ecker

Rose/heart  Wedding Entertainers/DJs Love Larry James too!
LoveNote. . . "There are a handful of vendors that I've wanted to work with since I've been in Phoenix but I've had to be content with admiring them from afar... I've been here 5 1/2 years and I was starting to get concerned! I got to play a wedding with Larry James and the incredibly talented Amina Michele this last Saturday night (1/7/12) and it was everything I hoped it would be. It's always a pleasure to work along side of other brilliant professionals." - Curtis Whipple, DJ & Master of Ceremonies, Phoenix - www.CurtisWhipple.com

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, I can not thank you enough for making our day so special. You were awesome! You were on point! You went with the flow! You added so much humor! YOU were perfect for Mike and I! Every one loved our ceremony. They loved the humor, laughter and tears. They loved that it was not up tight. So many people said that it was the best wedding that they have ever been too. Even the DJ made a comment about it being the best wedding that he has ever seen (and you know that he has seen a lot of weddings). It was just perfect and I genuinely thank you for making the most important day in the world to me (besides the birth of my kids) so perfect! Thanks again, Larry James!" - Rima & Michael Bryant

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "You can't go wrong with Larry James. What else can I say? He was perfect! Everyone commented on how the ceremony was unique and it really was all about us." - Michelle & Royce Lewis

Rose/heart  Hot Air Expeditions Loves Larry James too!
LoveNote. . . "I don't 'partner' with many people. In twenty years, you and Vincents Restaurant are about the only two people I actively promote. I do so with no hesitations knowing the quality of your service. Larry, I look forward to you coming out with us again soon! And, thank you for making booking weddings in the air easy! I have found another jewel that I can refer with the same confidence, a wedding photographer: Debbie Kolasa, Photage Photography." - Margie Long, Hot Air Expeditions, Phoenix - www.HotAirExpeditions.com

Note: Click here for several photos of Larry James performing a wedding ceremony in a "Hot Air Expeditions" balloon!

Hot Air Expeditions photo

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you for making our special day one we will never forget! Your flexibility and quality of service were exceptional. We would never recommend anyone else. The ceremony was amazing and our guests could not stop talking about it! Thanks Larry!" - Lacey & Jeremy Mejia

Rose/heart  Wedding Consultants Love Larry James too!
Tera's logo LoveNote. . . "When it comes to choosing an officiant for your wedding, I hope that you choose Larry James. As a professional wedding and event planner, I highly recommend him.

His level of service to brides and grooms is unmatched in the industry. He really cares about the words of commitment that will be spoken on your wedding day. He is always willing to go the extra mile when it comes to creating a special ceremony for you, your family, and friends. He is a very talented writer and professional speaker." ~ Tera Whitaker, Weddng Consultant, Tera Whitaker Weddings & Events, LLC

Rose/heart  Wedding Consultants Love Larry James too!
LoveNote. . . "I have recommended Larry at CelebrateIntimateWeddings.com to many couples throughout the years. His willingness to give the "format" to the bride and groom so together they may add personalized touches to their ceremony is priceless.

Many officiants only change the name of the bride and the groom, yet the rest of the ceremony from couple to couple is the same, or "canned" without personalization. Many guests at the reception ask me, 'Where did you find him?'

Larry communicates well by giving details about his meetings or e-mails from the clients. It is a pleasure to work with him, and would highly recommend him. Beyond the invitations, the ceremony is the first impression you give your guests." - Kim Horn, MBC, (Master Bridal Consultant), Arizona Wedding Planner
ABC logo

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James went above and beyond our expectation of an officiant. Tailoring the ceremony to fit our needs exactly. Larry James took the necessary amount of time needed to truly understand us and our personalities to accommodate what we were looking for in a ceremony. This was the last thing we expected during our first interview (an unrushed meaningful interview with depth), we are very impressed and his reputation holds true!

Larry James didn't just show up to rehearsal, he participated, offering feedback based on his experience. Larry James took time to understand us which resulted in the personal touch that a wedding should have. We like to work with people who "want" to do their profession, show passion and care about their service or product. Larry James does just that and played a significant role on the biggest day of our lives. We are confident that nobody could have done it better." - Holly & Tyler O'Neal

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for being a part of the most amazing day of our lives. You helped make the most important words we will ever say to each other so easy. Words cannot thank you enough for your role on that special day." - Brittany & Phillip (PJ) Foster

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Neil and I married on November 14, 2009. I checked into officiants early so I had no problems securing my date with Larry but if you wait too long he is definitely in high demand. I had gone to a wedding show and was disparaged as I felt intimidated and did not really like any of the officiants I met. When Neil and I met with Larry, we knew he was the right one. If I ever had a question, I never had any problems reaching him and we were able to speak the same day every time.

Neil is not as religious as I am so we wanted a mixed ceremony. The Lord was there with us but the focus was on our love. We also chose to have a Hand-Fasting Ceremony to honor our roots as well as the Sand Ceremony. I cannot tell you how beautiful and wonderful the Ceremony was. I had about 130 people at my wedding and EVERY person stated that it was the BEST ceremony that they EVER attended. Some of our friends hate weddings due to the religious roots and others are devout catholic... to have all of them so impressed speaks volumes about Larry!!! I recommend that if you want the ceremony of your dreams you should choose Larry James. Thanks so much for Everything Larry. - Marlayna & Neil Barnard

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry James has a beautiful and meaningful ceremony. When my husband and I first met with him we both got a little teary-eyed reading it and we both felt that the ceremony described how we really feel about marriage. What we liked about Larry was that he was very organized and prompt, and he allowed us to personalize the ceremony to meet our wishes." - Lauren & Nam Ha

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Although Larry's services are little more expensive than other ministers, it was totally worth it. My husband and I enjoyed the ceremony so much. It was entertaining and heartfelt. We received several compliments on the ceremony itself and on Larry! Larry is professional, personable, and he has a great sense of humor. He was also flexible in rescheduling the rehearsal when we had a change of plans. He really was a joy to work with!" - Brenna & Josh Maynard

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry was the most important part of our ceremony. He came very professionally dressed (he is willing to do some funny stuff too) and carried the ceremony better than we could have imagined. He was an absolute delight to have as our officiant and you should have him too!" - Amanda & Shane Lunneborg

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Our ceremony was absolutely amazing! Larry was very accommodating to work with and provided us with many suggestions throughout the entire planning process. Our ceremony was breathtaking and several people could not stop talking about how amazing our officiant was. He even helped me out in the middle of the ceremony as I became very emotional! Thanks Larry for making our wedding so memorable!" - Jennifer & Justin Humpal

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry was the most amazing officiant. I am not super religious and he described me perfectly. Spiritual but not religious. His ceremony was so beautiful and that was the thing I got complimented on the most. Every single person said they were in tears with everything he said and they had never seen such a beautiful ceremony. I was so lucky to find him. Thanks Larry!" - Karissa & Jake Shipp

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Hello Larry. Phyllis and I are back from our "mini"moon and was delighted to find your package in the mail. We just wanted to say how much we appreciated your attention to detail and the many references you provided. It made our job much easier to plan our wedding. The ceremony was beautiful and we truly appreciated you allowing and encouraging us to personalize our ceremony. I have to say Larry, while your ceremony was very beautiful.... Phyllis was absolutely stunning and she stole all the thunder! As you might imagine, I am a happy, happy man! We won't hesitate to recommend your services whenever the opportunity presents itself. - Phyllis & John Underwood

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, our wedding was such an amazing day! Chip and I can't thank you enough for making it so special and memorable. People can't stop talking about what a wonderful ceremony it was. Many, many thanks!" - Veronica & Chip Beck

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Our ceremony was absolutely amazing! Larry was very accommodating to work with and provided us with many suggestions throughout the entire planning process. Our ceremony was breathtaking and several people could not stop talking about how amazing our officiant was. He even helped me out in the middle of the ceremony as I became very emotional! Thanks Larry for making our wedding so memorable! Thank you so much for our beautiful ceremony on November 13, 2010. You eally captured the day perfectly!" - Jennifer & Justin Humpal

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful ceremony. We gotten so many compliments on how perfect our ceremony was. It was both beautiful and funny - you know, 'cuz of that thing my hubby did! Many of our guests said it was the best ceremony they've ever been to. We couldn't agree more. Thanks again for making our day so very special." - Raquel & James Johngrass

Rose/heart  Wedding Venues & Banquet Managers Love Larry James too!
LoveNote. . . "It was a pleasure to work with you as well. In this day and age it is nice to see a minister who takes the time to really get to know his clients. I have never had an officiant who was not a personal friend of the family's stay around for a reception. That goes to show me that you really do care about the unity of marriage and the people you join in marriage. I look forward to see you again. I have attached our current recommended vendors list and you have been added to it." - Tracy Elliott, Banquet Manager, Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club, Gold Canyon, AZ Tracy Elliott

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, you were absolutely AMAZING!! thank you from the bottom of our hearts!! We will be seeing you and referring to you... for sure!!! Thx!! You are REALLY good at what you do... much Love and success will come your way, guaranteed!" - Kirsten & James Jack

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you for your dedication to making sure that we had the perfect "romantic" wedding ceremony. You did an excllent job and for that we are grateful." - Heather and Ben Laurienti

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We just wanted to thank you for all that you did for us and for the surprise you sent us in the mail. We would recommend you to anyone and everyone in the future. You really went out of your way to prepare, not only us but everyone else including family and the photo and video people, to make this one PERFECT and memorable experience. You truly are amazing and we can't be thankful enough. Thank you for being a big part of our big day." - Jenna & Ed Halilovic - View a special video of their wedding. Click here!

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, we are just as madly in love today as a year ago.  Thank you for making our wedding so special.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  My grandpa even commented that it was just as good as a "church" wedding which is saying a lot since he wasn't so fond of our outdoor plans. You really do a great job. Thank you again.  God bless you." Toni and Chris Dillon

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Larry, Words can not express our appreciation of your generosity and time you had for us in helping us plan and have our wedding.  We are truly thankful for all you did.  We both hope you enjoyed your time with us and our family. Thank you so much again/" Jocelyn and Seth Levine

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful ceremony. So many people complimented me on the ceremony and said that it was one of the best ones they have heard and I have to agree. We watched the video and I was so happy with how it went. I would not change a thing. I will truly recommend you to my friends." - Jessie & Jamie Wicks

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you so much for leading us through a Fantistic Day! Everyone loved what you had to say. Everything exceeded our expectations and we were so happy for your guidance and genuine caring. We hope to see you again." - Christa & Bob Gentile

Rose/heart  Wedding Consultants Love Larry James too!
LoveNote. . . "Larry James is a relationships expert, writer and wedding minister extraordinaire! We should dub him music and art director as well, as he composes and conducts wedding ceremonies as beautiful symphonies, filled with harmony and love. With wisdom and insight he weaves together elements of relationships, forming them into exquisite works of art. It is said that he performs the most romantic wedding ceremoniesŠ and I believe it to be true." - Louise Hile, Wedding Consultant, Say I Do Weddings, LLC Say I Do Weddings logo

Rose/heart  Wedding Consultants Love Larry James too!
Photo of Wendy Robinson LoveNote. . . "Larry has been a DREAM to work with! One of my very first weddings under the Sacred Moment Weddings name was one I did with him more than 3 years ago! I also did a wedding with Larry last May and I can't WAIT to do another one with him! Why? Because he is such a calming spirit! Couples can't help but relax around him. He's funny, witty, accomodating and most of all a true professional! Trust me... you won't be disappointed!" - Wendy Robinson, Wedding Consultant, Sacred Moment Weddings and Events

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . We can't tell you how many people have approached us to tell us what a wonderful ceremony we had! It really surprised everyone how personal and heartfelt everything you said was. We were extremely thrilled with the ceremony. We couldn't be more pleased. You did a flawless job, and said everything with great conviction and belief. You truly are a great man and we feel honored to have had you as part of our wedding. Thank you so much for making our day extra special. - Theresa & Ehren Highfill

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "We could not have asked for a better officiant!!! Larry James did an amazing job in making our ceremony different than the boring standard one everyone else uses. Everyone was coming up to myself, my husband and our parents complimenting us on what an amazing ceremony he did. I will definitely be referring him to anyone that wasn't at the wedding. I dont think I need to say much to the people that were there because everyone had already asked for his info from us before the night was over! I was so happy we booked him in advance and got the chance to work with him. We can now say that he is a good friend and we will keep in touch!" - Brittany & Eric Pritchard

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Thank you for making our wedding such a wonderful moment, one which we will always cherish. You went out of your way to make our wedding day a special one. We appreciate the photos that you took, they were great. We could not have found a better Officiant. You are truly the best at what you do." Thanks Again, Still and Always We'll Be... Celebrating Love. - Tiffany and Bryan Smith

Rose/heart  LoveNote. . . "Luke and I wanted to take a moment to THANK YOU!!! Our ceremony was wonderful. We received so many compliments on our ceremony. You were so personable and everyone could relate to your words of wisdom and advise. No one had heard such a beautiful ceremony before! So again, thank you for making our day all that we wanted it to be!" - Sakara & Luke Khalid

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