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Choosing Your Wedding
Invitation Ensemble

Treasia Stepp, Guest Author

Your wedding invitations are the first thing your guest will see with regards to your special day. Choosing them will be a very important part of the marriage process. Choose with style and great care. Ask yourself?, what do you want your guests impression to be of your big day? What do you want to express to them with regards to it? Express yourself and your fiancé through your invitations.

First off you need to make your guest list. This will be to determine how many invitations should be ordered. You would be wise to order an additional 25 - 50 invitations over the amount of guests you have listed on your guest list. You should count every couple and single guest, parents, clergy and also their guests.

All children over 16 should also receive an invitation. Give yourself plenty of time as well as the designer you have chosen. Your invitations should be ordered well in advance give or take four to six months. This will ensure less stress for you in the long run.

The invitation should be chosen carefully and thoughtfully, as it will give the perspective guests a brief preview of what to expect of the wedding. Selecting the right materials to use whether it's the paper, style, wording or font all add to the important process of planning the perfect wedding.

Secondly your theme and colours of the wedding should be incorporated into the final design, whether you decide on a more traditional approach or a more unique and contemporary design it should compliment your own personal tastes. Many more brides today are choosing to go with the more unique invitations as a way of self expression. Once upon a time pure white and cream were traditionally used, now there is no limit on the colours and designs being included on wedding invitations.

Flowers and bells are extremely common yet always the favorite for couples who wish for their wedding invitations to be as elaborate as possible. Now brides have a choice of more color styles, font styles and paper options. Choose with care. Is your wedding going to be timelessly tradtional and formal, or comtemporary and unique? Whatever your style make it your expression of your wedding day.

Thirdly. Choose your font style, text style and color. Old English and Roman Capitals are were once favored for effectiveness and clarity, now it is almost limitless as to your options. There are hundreds of font styles to choose from. Make sure it matches your invitation theme.

For instance, you wouldn't want an informal outdoors wedding invitation to depict French Script or say, Wedding Text script. Make sure the two work well together. Ink color should also match the basic design or the border color as well.

Wedding invitations should generally consist of 10 - 14 lines. If they exceed this then the font chosen should be less elaborate but if there is not much wording then fill the invitation with a different font style. Make it a full bodied font. There are even more numerous types of embellishments one can add to their invitations as well. Many brides opt for ribbons, pictures of the bride and groom, crystals and many more. Express yourselves through your invitations.

Fourth, choosing your wedding invitation wording. Do you want to add both sets of parents to the wording? Would you like it to have a poem added before the invite wording? Something else to consider is this. If you have children are you planning on them being in the wedding? If so you might would like to add their names to the invitation as well.

More weddng invitation experts should be able to provide you with this type of wording. I have seen more and more invites (as well as designed them myself) by incorporating the children's name into them. Especially if you and your groom plan on having the children light the unity candles, do sand ceremonies and such.

Fifth, ask your wedding invitations vendor for references. Why you ask? No one is perfect!! This will provide you with a better peace of mind that you are choosing the right person for the job. Brides love to talk about their weddings, so ask them how the printer done.

Did they provide your invitations timely as was stated to them? Were there any grammar errors? Were they pleasant to deal with? Did they provide them with several options to choose from? Does your invitations person provide you with a picture of your invitation to check for errors? Do they mail you one for this to be checked? Which would you prefer? If it is a reputable invitations expert they should be happy to provide you with references and any information you should request. They should also provide this to you in a timely manner.

Lastly, try to order your invitation sets well in advance. Most invitation designers would prefer about 4 - 6 months of time. If at all possible allow them this. Your invitations should be mailed out to your guests about 4 - 6 weeks prior to your wedding day. This allows time for your guests to make any arrangements needed to attend your wedding. If you are inviting guests from out of town or out of state, it might be a good idea to mail their invites out about 8 weeks in advance.

Enjoy your time choosing the perfect wedding invitations ensemble. Your invitations person should make this as stress free for you as possible. Remember to express yourself and your day through your invitations. And always remember that if you allow yourself plenty of time for choosing the perfect invite, that you have also managed to make this part of your wedding planning process less stressful and more enjoyable for yourself as well as your future husband.

Copyright © - Treasia Stepp. Reprinted with permission. Helping brides-to-be get the elegant invitations of their dreams.

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